Friday, August 30, 2013

{Amazing} Sock Monkey Tree Skirt

When I first start this blog to chronicle Our Epic Sock Monkey Christmas I wrote of my plan to source the tree skirt from a local crafter, Ellen of The Chilly Dog. As I noted, my request was vague, along the lines of, can you make me a tree skirt?

Well, she took on the challenge and produced an absolutely amazing result. See for yourself....

My daughter pulling it from the box

Little miss checks out the tag

I think my smile says it all

So amazing

Isn't it epic? It's so unique and I was so blown away when I first saw it. Now I'm hoping to engage her services for stockings.

You can find more pictures of the tree skirt and read all about her process for creating this tree skirt over at The Chilly Dog. The pattern is also available on Etsy for all you talented knitter folk.

1 comment:

  1. Yes,the tree skirt is a very creative response to your request. Almost dizzying to look at!


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