Monday, August 19, 2013

{Even More} Halloween Sock Monkey Ornaments

I've gone and done it: added more ornaments to my sock monkey Halloween ornament stash.

On an idle Sunday afternoon I was surfing the interwebs, googling "sock monkey halloween ornament" like most people do (or so I imagine), when lo and behold, I found these cuties at Pier 1. 

I was so excited I called over my husband and little miss and we oohed and aahed over the cuteness. I used the "search store inventory" feature, determined a mere five were in stock at the Pier 1 eight minutes from my house, so we all climbed into the car on our quest to acquire them post-haste.

Pier 1 was fully decorated for Halloween. These little critters were stuffed in the bottom of a jar, but my husband, eagle-eyed that he is when wearing his glasses, keyed in on them right away. He's a good resource, that husband of mine.

They're about an inch or so bigger than my other sock monkey Halloween ornaments but they can still be one big, happy family, both this Halloween and on the Christmas tree this December.

All three of us were quite excited to get these, as we have been sourcing most of our sock monkey ornaments online. It was exciting to actually find them in a store. It sure made our idle Sunday that much more fun!

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  1. Monkeys galore--what fun to find them wherever you shop!


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