Friday, August 2, 2013

ebay is for Sock Monkey Ornaments

I'm working on rounding out our sock monkey ornament collection via ebay. My goal is to get one of each kind of small knot sock monkey. This is a lofty goal in that there are new ornaments released each year, so I will likely have to buy those from an online store or hope they have them in a local store such as Bed Bath & Beyond or JCPenney (both of which have had sock monkey ornaments in the past).

I already know there are at least eight, if not more, ornaments I will likely have to source elsewhere than ebay. These include the just-released military sock monkeys and sock monkeys in winter hats. In all my years of sock monkey ornament collecting I have never seen these, so they must be new.

I do have most sock monkey ornaments that are out there but there are some gaps. For example, I only have the green sweater wearer in this set, and I have none of the sports sock monkeys. Of course I am missing other monkeys and for that I am turning to ebay to complete my collection.

Most days I got to the mailbox and there is a small package, waiting for me to gleefully tear it open and giggle at how cute the inhabitant is. My qualifications for sourcing on ebay are simple: below $7 and free shipping, or a combination thereof. This is harder than you might think, as I have a targeted list of monkeys to acquire so I am trolling for select items.

So here is what has come in the mail over the last couple of weeks. It's a joy to open the packages and see these cute smiling faces!

Since the christmas tree is several months down the road I thought I'd try them out in our mesquite tree.
The ballet dancers
Hippy chick and girly girl
A doctor, a fireman, and a race car driver...somewhere in this combination there is a joke waiting

I am trying to pace myself as there will likely be some ornaments in store and at various websites. Still ebay is often cheaper, though I know I will have to ante up for the ornaments that are new this year. Sigh, I suppose it is worth it.

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