Friday, August 30, 2013

{Amazing} Sock Monkey Tree Skirt

When I first start this blog to chronicle Our Epic Sock Monkey Christmas I wrote of my plan to source the tree skirt from a local crafter, Ellen of The Chilly Dog. As I noted, my request was vague, along the lines of, can you make me a tree skirt?

Well, she took on the challenge and produced an absolutely amazing result. See for yourself....

My daughter pulling it from the box

Little miss checks out the tag

I think my smile says it all

So amazing

Isn't it epic? It's so unique and I was so blown away when I first saw it. Now I'm hoping to engage her services for stockings.

You can find more pictures of the tree skirt and read all about her process for creating this tree skirt over at The Chilly Dog. The pattern is also available on Etsy for all you talented knitter folk.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Handmade Sock Monkey Gift Tags and Holiday Cards

Back when we began planning our Epic Sock Monkey Christmas I asked local crafter Ellen of The Chilly Dog to create our tree skirt. Well, she did an amazing job and I can't wait to show you pictures. But before I do so I wanted to show you some adorable holiday cards and gift tags she made herself and was kind enough to gift me.

They are so different and unique and will definitely add even more pizazz to our holiday. You can find helpful tutorials for making the tags and cards over at The Chilly Dog.

Stay tuned for the big reveal of the tree skirt!

Monday, August 19, 2013

{Even More} Halloween Sock Monkey Ornaments

I've gone and done it: added more ornaments to my sock monkey Halloween ornament stash.

On an idle Sunday afternoon I was surfing the interwebs, googling "sock monkey halloween ornament" like most people do (or so I imagine), when lo and behold, I found these cuties at Pier 1. 

I was so excited I called over my husband and little miss and we oohed and aahed over the cuteness. I used the "search store inventory" feature, determined a mere five were in stock at the Pier 1 eight minutes from my house, so we all climbed into the car on our quest to acquire them post-haste.

Pier 1 was fully decorated for Halloween. These little critters were stuffed in the bottom of a jar, but my husband, eagle-eyed that he is when wearing his glasses, keyed in on them right away. He's a good resource, that husband of mine.

They're about an inch or so bigger than my other sock monkey Halloween ornaments but they can still be one big, happy family, both this Halloween and on the Christmas tree this December.

All three of us were quite excited to get these, as we have been sourcing most of our sock monkey ornaments online. It was exciting to actually find them in a store. It sure made our idle Sunday that much more fun!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sock Monkey Sheets for the Cool Holiday Season

I'm thinking we're going to need these sock monkey holiday sheets, likely in both flannel and cotton. Or perhaps I can minimize costs by just getting the blanket.

Regardless, sock monkey linens are going on the "need to acquire, like, ten minutes ago" list.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Introducing...Ernie the Sock Monkey (Fun Holiday Cards)

Is there anything cuter than a sock monkey who leads a glamorous, fun-filled life?

I think not.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I was introduced to Ernie the Sock Monkey. He of course has a website, a Facebook page, a book called Ernie's Special Summer Day, and some shops where you can get all the Ernie you might ever want.

I became acquainted with Ernie as a result of this blog. Ernie's "agent" was kind enough to send me a sample of holiday cards that would be perfect in the celebration of Our Epic Sock Monkey Christmas.

The cards are very reasonably priced. They are a glossy finish on a heavy, thick paper. These are not flimsy holiday cards, oh no. These cards mean business. 

As soon as I opened the up my husband and daughter could not stop oohing and aahing. They don;t want to send them out! That's alright, because I know where I can get more. I mean, it's important to spread sock monkey cheer, especially at the holidays, and opening up one's mailbox to find a smiling Ernie card inside will surely bring tidings of comfort and joy.

Ernie does more than just celebrate Christmas. He also has buttons, neckties, electronics can have Ernie all the time, year round. Of special note is Ernie's pen pal program, which you can sign up for on his website.

You can also get Ernie's book, Ernie's Special Summer Day, at this link. You can get 20% off with code GEKWNJP6---I think it would make a great Christmas gift for the sock money lover!

I know where I'll be getting this year's holiday cards!

Disclosure: Ernie's agent was kind enough to provide me with these promotional items free of charge. I was not compensated for providing this review nor was I asked to do one in order to receive the item. My opinions were not influenced by receipt of this item. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Count Sock Monkula {Another Sock Monkey Halloween Ornament)

This little guy was just too cute, I couldn't resist. I scoured the interwebs and he seems to be a discontinued ornament; this sealed the deal for the purchase.

I think he'll go well with our other Halloween-themed sock monkey ornaments.

Friday, August 2, 2013

ebay is for Sock Monkey Ornaments

I'm working on rounding out our sock monkey ornament collection via ebay. My goal is to get one of each kind of small knot sock monkey. This is a lofty goal in that there are new ornaments released each year, so I will likely have to buy those from an online store or hope they have them in a local store such as Bed Bath & Beyond or JCPenney (both of which have had sock monkey ornaments in the past).

I already know there are at least eight, if not more, ornaments I will likely have to source elsewhere than ebay. These include the just-released military sock monkeys and sock monkeys in winter hats. In all my years of sock monkey ornament collecting I have never seen these, so they must be new.

I do have most sock monkey ornaments that are out there but there are some gaps. For example, I only have the green sweater wearer in this set, and I have none of the sports sock monkeys. Of course I am missing other monkeys and for that I am turning to ebay to complete my collection.

Most days I got to the mailbox and there is a small package, waiting for me to gleefully tear it open and giggle at how cute the inhabitant is. My qualifications for sourcing on ebay are simple: below $7 and free shipping, or a combination thereof. This is harder than you might think, as I have a targeted list of monkeys to acquire so I am trolling for select items.

So here is what has come in the mail over the last couple of weeks. It's a joy to open the packages and see these cute smiling faces!

Since the christmas tree is several months down the road I thought I'd try them out in our mesquite tree.
The ballet dancers
Hippy chick and girly girl
A doctor, a fireman, and a race car driver...somewhere in this combination there is a joke waiting

I am trying to pace myself as there will likely be some ornaments in store and at various websites. Still ebay is often cheaper, though I know I will have to ante up for the ornaments that are new this year. Sigh, I suppose it is worth it.
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