Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our Epic Sock Monkey Halloween? Halloween Sock Monkey Ornaments

While building up my sock monkey ornament collection I was fortunate(?!?) enough to stumble on some sock monkey Halloween ornaments.

First of all, who knew?

Second, you know I got all four.

Yes, it's a while until Halloween but one can never be too prepared, especially when one has money in one's PayPal account. The monkeys will be out for display come 1 October. Then, they will have a month's break (or so) until the Christmas tree goes up. You know I'm going to be putting these on the tree, because, well, why not.

I think these Halloween ornaments will go perfectly with Tricks, my miniature Halloween sock monkey, which has been hanging out by the gear shift in my car since last year. That's him pictured over there to the left. I got him half off at Safeway last year; he was hanging out, lonely in a picked over Halloween display by the express lane. He's just so cute I had to bring him home and now I cannot bear to put him away.

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