Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Adding to the Decorative Sock Monkey Stash

World Market had a $10 off $30 coupon posted on their Facebook page and I wasted no time in making a pilgrimage to the store. I love that place! It's so random and interesting. World Market has really stepped up its game: the kitchen section in the newly remodeled store by me has very Anthropologie-esque products. The gift wrap section always has cute things, and the toy section has neat retro toys that make fun stocking stuffers.

Like a true couponista I used my coupon twice, hey, the fine print says limit one per customer per day. The first day I went I got some of the cool retro toys for Christmas for our little miss. I also got some mason jars so I could make some home made snow globes. Instead of trees this time I am going to use sock monkeys; I just need to get some mini ones off ebay. I can't wait to start this project!

My second trip I focused on sock monkeys. I got the following:
Now, I know these are not "Christmassy" in nature but this is Our Epic Sock Monkey Christmas and sock monkeys of all varieties are welcome and will be showcased. The felt bag will be used to house some of little miss' retro toy gifts (perhaps including the sock monkey yo-yo she will be getting, now I need to hunt down the sock monkey pinball game in store), which I will wrap in the wrapping paper. The long craft bag will house a gift as well. The felt clips (pictured left) will be used in the garland I will hang in the entryway. The stickers (pictured right) will be appended to the various wrapped gifts people receive, or perhaps used as random decoration...who knows. I am sure my creative mind can think of something.

I'd really like to get the Jumbo Classic Sock Monkey. He's 42" and $99. I can handle the size but not the price.

I also got these felt sock monkey ornaments. I'm going to call them ornaments even though World Market calls them gift tags.
While the SA was ringing me up she commented on all my sock monkey gear. I explained our sock monkey Christmas theme. She said the items I got were going to be phased out so I am thinking a third trip with the coupon may be in order. She also noted they will be getting some sock monkey Christmas items this fall. You know I will be all over that!

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