Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sock Monkey Ornaments - What's Left? {Plenty}

I've undertaken an exhaustive inventory of my current collection of sock monkey Christmas ornaments versus what is available out on the interwebs. I'm happy to say that I am closing in on the goal of owning at least one of every style out there. I'm sad to say I have a bit of a way to go, and thus some money to budget and spend.

Here's what I think is left...

Sock Monkey Cheerleader: I have the Macy's 2012 Holiday version of this but not this one. This one has shiny pom-poms, and you know that makes all the difference.

Itty-Bitty Sock Monkey: I just find him to be meh, but still, for the purpose of this exercise I will have to acquire. It seems he will have to be sourced via ebay.

Armed Forces Sock Monkeys: These appear to be new this year. Alas I will have to get them all. They are pretty darn cute, though.

Team Sock Monkey: I wish I would have purchased him last year when I saw him half off. Lesson learned.

Sock Monkeys in Ugly Sweaters (you know the kind): I have the one in the red sweater, but not the white and green.

Sock Monkeys in Knitted Hats: Another style that seems to be new this year. Argh! Still, these are my favorite of the "must acquire" bunch.

Sock Monkey in stocking: This one is all over ebay. It's not the cutest or my favorite but I feel compelled to own it.

Sports Sock Monkeys: Yep, I need them all.

I'm looking at a pretty penny in ornaments here. Eeep! I had better start saving my pennies, and nickels, and dollar bills. I suppose I should take solace in just how many ornaments I already have.

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