Monday, November 4, 2013

The Sock Monkey Holiday Gear is Trickling Out

As we all know the holidays are here. Well, at least the mall and the dollar store say so.

As does my local Fry's grocery. Little miss and I went in the other day to get some milk and found the Christmas decorations out and ready. The scent of pinecones filled the air (seriously, they had scented pinecones). And there were some sock monkeys to be found. Since I never, ever pay full price I will be waiting for a sale or promo.

At first my daughter spotted the two dolls, then she spotted the two in boxes behind them. Those light up and play musc. Upon further investigation we found another doll, this one decked out as Santa. I'm going to have to get all three.

My daughter is seven and a bit tall for her age. She wants this giant monkey in a bad, bad way. We already have one giant sock monkey so I don't know that we need to haul another into our small house. Plus, my husband this this one is kind of fugly. I will say this for is very, very soft.

We finally got the sock monkey hats from Lowe's I blogged about a while back. I say "finally" as if we were so far behind schedule. In reality we were there on a Friday night (we are cool, I know), and my daughter and I put them on and never took them off. My husband decided to be a curmudgeon and passed on his opportunity to get a hat. He also helpfully pointed out it looks like we have hot dogs on our heads. 

What better way to commemorate Our Epic Sock Monkey Christmas than with a dated sock monkey ornament? I saw this at the JC Penney home store. It's not yet on sale but I have no doubt it will be soon. This is a must-buy, no doubt about it.

How are your holiday plans shaping up?


  1. I saw some cute sock monkey slippers on a recent trip to Target and thought of you :)

    1. Hey chilly dog, I actually saw them today but of course my target didn't have them in stock in my big foot size. Off to another target tomorrow!

  2. Your daughter is looking so grown up! So cute!


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