Friday, November 15, 2013

Combining My Two Loves

Confession: I am a Pyrex-collecting addict. Seriously. It's shameful. I love the old school Pyrex from the 50s through the early 70s. I hit thrift stores on a semi-regular basis in search of it. I blog about it. That's just how I roll.

So when I saw this DWD (that's dishwasher damaged for the uninitiated, and it is death for vintage Pyrex) blue 502 at Goodwill I picked it up, even though it's not really collectible anymore. You see, it had a lid, and lids for the 500-series Pyrex are relatively hard to find. So I got a lid for my next lidless find, and I knew just what to do with the DWD fridgie.

Was there ever any question? This is my first "official" Christmas decoration. He's hanging out with some vintage glass ornaments I also thrifted. We're going through some home improvement that will be wrapped up soon and I swore I would not start decorating until it was done (as a means to make us hurry on up) but I just had to put this little guy out. 

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