Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Entryway, Continued...

After the front entry there is a very small hallway into the main big room of our house. I of course had to decorate it as well!

I know I showed pictures of the front entrance earlier but since then I have hauled in a giant blow mold Santa I scored at a flea market. I have six light up blow mold Santas and this is the largest one, the other three are the small sized ones at just over a foot high each. Those are in storage for next year, but I had to put at least one Santa out, right?!?

This is when you first walk in the front door…it takes a lot of cords to power the trees and Santa. I'm still thinking through how to best camouflage those before our Open House.

Then the lawyer's bookcase with more monkeys and yet another ceramic tree.

More pictures and monkeys and of course the tree and let's not forget the giant sock monkey lawn ornament…all will be chronicled here!

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